What Are Freedom Rings?

Creator David Spada had a simple idea of 6 colored anodized aluminum rings on a necklace symbolize happiness and representing the diversity of the gay community. He hoped that both straight and gay people would wear the rings as a "universal 'pro-tolerance' statement."

The rings are a symbol of equality and peace in knowing we are not alone. Spreading these rings and our word to the world will bring back comfort, awareness, and beautiful art.

We will be expanding from the norm, for changes have happened since the original six Freedom Ring necklace were created. We will be offering a various collection of different necklaces in support of all sexual identities.

Everyone can wear these necklaces and or stacker rings, any color you find attraction too, no matter the sexual orrientation this is all about awareness and support!



The color Red on the LGBTQ+ flag represents the value of an individuals life. We take living our best lives seriously at Universal Spada.Suicide, and HIV/AIDS come into play with this red ring.

Our red ring will help remind you daily of the value of life, and give you the strength you need. We call this ring our "Red Life" Ring


The orange color on our flag represents healing. Our orange ring is a daily reminder of growth, and realization of your personal healing process.

We call this ring "The Orange Healer"


Yellow on the LGBTQ+ flag represents new ideas. Everyday we are inspired by our own thoughts and ideas wether you recognize it or not. Put these ideas into action!

We call this ring our "Bright Idea Yellow" ring.


Green represents Prosperity on our LGBTQ+ flag. Everyone deserve the chance to prosper and live a rich life. Wearing this green ring will give you the emotional strength found on your own to prosper.

We call this ring our "Thrive for Green" ring.


The color blue on our pride flag represents serenity. Having a calm, go with the flow lifestyle is something we forget about on a daily basis when we're in our everyday flow.

Our blue ring is called "Blue tranquility" ring.


Purple on the LGBTQ+ flag represents spirit. At Universal Spadawe believe in being proud of who we are as individuals and keeping the spirit alive of positivity and our purpose.

We call this ring our "Violet Spirit Guide" ring.